Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Beauty of the Lebold Mansion

Situated in a beautiful corner of the peaceful place of Abilene, Kansas is a         Victorian-period house that has been so famous for centuries because of its brilliant architectural structure and unique interior design.  This house is the famous and historical LEBOLD MANSION, one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Architecture.

The story behind the mansion

In 1880, a certain Conrad Lebold, who was a banker, built his own Victorian-inspired mansion in Abilene, Kansas. The building was made out of limestone from native Kansas and was designed uniquely and intricately that it has become one of the famous spots in Kansas. It was said that until to date, a dugout at the base of the mansion’s tower is still visible. It said dugout was made of stone and was done by Tim and Eliza Hersey in 1857 at the site where the Lebold Mansion was located.  When the mansion was built, the dugout was preserved. The second owner of the house was a local merchant named G.C. Sterl.  Accordingly, a certain C.L. Brown bought the house in the 1920s and made the house a residence of single ladies who were telephone operators then. During the Great Depression, Mr. Brown converted the house into a children’s orphanage. In furtherance for its charitable purpose, the Lebold Mansion was utilized as a refuge for soldiers during the World War II. During 1940-1970, the mansion was made into an apartment building where families resided after the World War II.

Despite  the various utilization of the house, its structure and interiors have remained intact, something that construed the building’s strong foundation and structure.  Up to this date, the Lebold Mansion is being preserved and is made into a museum where public can take a peek of the mansion’s amazing façade and interior.

The Lebold mansion’s architectural design

Aside from its grand façade and intricate interior design, the Lebold Mansion boasts primarily of its strong foundation that has sustained and withstood the different folds of history centuries back. The stone dugout at the basement of the mansion, which was created by the early settlers of Abilene, is said to be one of the interesting features of the mansion. The architects of the Lebold Mansion used the dugout as a support foundation of the 65 feet stone tower of the mansion.

The unique façade of the house is also being complimented by the colorful and lavish interior design and furnishing that construed a true-blooded Victorian-era house. Its ceiling was elaborately decorated and was accentuated further by fine draperies and expensive furnishings. Also, the mansion was decorated with Victorian arts and artifacts that reflected the vast history which the mansion is very rich with.  The Lebold Mansion, which has 23 rooms, is truly a manifestation of a rich and lavish lifestyle of the one who built it.

The Lebold Mansion today

The mansion is now converted into a museum, good for public viewing. It has become one of the visiting spots in Abilene. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.  It was also voted as one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Architecture because of its unique design and survival prowess because until now it has stood still.

The Lebold Mansion is a picture-perfect both of the physical attributes and the beautiful stories behind it, which reflected the colorful histories of time.

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