Saturday, December 20, 2014

Basic Tips on Home Interior Design

Have a new place or tired of your old styled and boring home? Want to redesign your home but is confused and don’t know what to do? These are the basic Interior Design tips and ideas to help you design your dream place.

The basic guide in Interior Design is “Divide and Conquer”. It means to divide the place into manageable parts or sections. Basic division would be the Bedroom section, the Living Room section, and the Kitchen section – these are the most common and important places of the house. Dividing the place is very useful to facilitate the flow of work and to focus on each section one at a time.

A very important thing to note is to know what your needs are to which your design must cater. If you like partying on week-ends or have regular bonding activities with friends, you need enough space in your house, living room, or you like to cook and eating is your family bonding, you need a spacious and orderly kitchen, or perhaps you’re a busy professional, and you want to relax at home so you will need a very comfortable home to unwind stresses after work.

Now these are the identified sections and some simple tips on design and improvement.

Living Room Tips:


The Living Room functions as the receiving are1, where you welcome your guests and make them feel comfortable and at home. Basically, this room is built for relaxed conversation and the basic furniture that must always be present in the room is the sofas or chairs and a table.

  • Choose a very comfortable sofa or chair, remember that this is where you welcome guests, and so offer them a relaxing chair.
  • Consider the size of the furniture you buy and your living room. Provide spaces between furniture for easy navigation in the room.
  • If you like to experiment, choose chairs and tables that do not match, such to give a fashionable and peculiar taste, but do not overdo it.
  • It is ok to put family pictures on the living room but don’t put too many, avoid putting your diplomas and trophies, remember this is a living room and not a museum.
  • White fluorescent light is all too common, experiments on mixing white and yellow lights. Avoid so very bright lights, it gives an impression to guests, that all their movements are seen and ridiculed.

Bedroom Tips:


The Bedroom is the space of the house where you can be yourself. This is the place that can be considered your personal haven and enjoy privacy. Aside from sleeping, the bedroom can be your study room and receiving room for your closest of friends. Basic furniture that must be present is your bed, a study table and chair, and perhaps an extra table for personal grooming.

  • Avoid bright colors in walls and furniture; the room must be cozy and restful to induce sleep.
  • Avoid expensive decors, use personally crafted or created arts from years ago or making one. Remember that the bedroom is where you can express your personality.
  • Always make sure that your room is always clean and clutter free. An extra cabinet for your not so important belongings may be needed.
  • Choose warm flooring on your bedroom, preferably wood or use carpets. Avoid cold floorings like tiles, concrete or marble.

Kitchen Tips:


The kitchen is the central focus of every home. This is where you stored everything, especially food and is access frequently, even if you don’t cook.

  • The basic of the kitchen is cleanliness. Make sure your kitchen is always clean.
  • Always use bright colors in the kitchen walls; it gives a spacious feel on the kitchen.
  • Arrange your kitchen utensils by importance. Put away some utensils you don’t actually need to avoid clutter.
  • Lighting is important in kitchen work. So a steady, bright light must be provided. You might also want to install other dimmer lights in the kitchen if not in use.

These are only basic tips you can always do at home. Always experiment and study to improve your interior design skills at home.

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